Generating Leads for the Financial Services Industry

Translating Offline Lead Generation Online – How We Drove Leads for this Financial Services Company

The financial services industry thrives on building trust and fostering personal connections. Traditionally, this meant heavily relying on in-person events – conferences, tradeshows, and seminars. While valuable for establishing rapport and showcasing expertise, these events have limitations. Also, since the pandemic in-person events have become less frequent and harder to get people to attend. Working from home and hybrid environments has meant fewer people are prepared to participate in these types of events. 

This left our client with a significant challenge.

  • Over 700 Signs in 3 Months
  • 100+ Webinar Attendees
  • 30+ Meetings Booked

The Challenge: Replicating In-Person Events Digitally

Our client, a leading financial planning firm, understood these limitations all too well. Historically their in-person events were successful in attracting potential high-net-worth clients, but their effectiveness and opportunity had become limited. They were looking for a way to bring the same opportunity without the time and overhead of putting on a regular event schedule. That’s where we stepped in. Our key contact at the company had commented that he always knew when he had a potential client at previous speaking events when someone approached him after his talk and had been keen to engage him in conversation. It was our challenge to replicate that format online.

The Solution: A Collaborative & Data-Driven Webinar Campaign

  • Content Development
  • Multi-platform Advertising
  • Marketing Automation

The first step was to begin by working closely with the client to develop engaging topics that addressed the specific needs and pain points of their target audience. This involved reviewing past event topics, what potential clients were asking in sessions and hot topics in the industry. From here we were able to determine a series of webinar topics that our client could give that would be engaging and attractive to their target audience. 

We worked with the client to ensure that the webinars were not only valuable but the right length and format to be engaging in a webinar format. This meant shortening them and breaking the content into ‘bite-sized’ chunks.

Multi-Platform Promotion: With the topics locked in, we focused on attracting an engaged audience. We set up advertising campaigns on various platforms, including Meta and LinkedIn. We split test sending users to a dedicated landing page vs a series of high-intent lead gen forms.

While the dedicated landing page provided a clear overview of the webinar topic, speaker credentials, and the benefits of attending, the lead gen forms were able to drive users to sign up quickly and efficiently. 

Once people had registered for the event, we triggered a nurture email sequence after sign-up to ensure attendance and nurture them into connecting with our clients should they have any questions. These emails provided additional details, reminded users of the date and time, and offered valuable resources related to the topic.

Engagement Beyond the Broadcast: Our commitment didn’t end with registration. Before the webinar, we sent a final email reminder with a link to join the session. During the event, live Q&A sessions, interactive polls, and downloadable resources kept attendees engaged. During the webinar, we encouraged attendees to sign up for 15-minute introductory call to go over any questions they had from the webinar.

Post-Webinar Follow-up: The follow-up was crucial. We sent a post-webinar email with a link to the recording for those who couldn’t attend live, and additional resources relevant to the discussed topic. More importantly, the email included a personalized call to action, encouraging attendees to schedule a free 15-minute introductory call with a financial advisor to discuss their specific needs. This helped elicit even more engagement and generate further leads.

Results: Increasing the reach and value of in-person events

The results were impressive:

Massive Reach

Compared to in-person events, the webinar campaign attracted a significantly larger audience, exceeding geographic limitations and reaching a wider demographic. In just 3 months, we garnered over 700 sign-ups for the events – a testament to the broader appeal of the online format.

Reduced Costs 

The cost per lead generated through webinars was considerably lower than in-person events, demonstrating a more efficient use of resources.

Data-Driven Optimization 

The webinars provided valuable data on attendee engagement, including which topics resonated most and what questions were most frequently asked. This data allowed us to continuously refine the content and format for future iterations.

Meetings booked 

Most importantly, the personalized post-webinar follow-up resulted in over 20 meetings booked with potential clients. This translated directly into potential new business for our client.

Webinars into the Future & Other Tactics

By transforming the success of in-person events into a well-structured webinar program, we helped our client overcome geographical limitations, reach a wider audience, and ultimately generate a higher volume of qualified leads. This approach not only increased efficiency but also provided valuable data for continuous improvement, ensuring long-term success. We took a traditional format, brought it online, scaled it up, and ultimately, helped our client connect with the people who mattered most.

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