Budnitz Bicycles


Budnitz bicycle was the brainchild of Paul Budnitz the founder of Kidrobot & social network Ello. It’s mission is to create world class performance bikes for everyday use. Each custom built bike uses grease free belt drives to give it that highly crafted feel and personal touch.

Our Approach

Even though the initial focus of the campaign was to encourage users to purchase bikes online, we quickly realised that with the high end nature of the products the buying cycle would be a much more involved process.

Using a combination of search, display and remarketing techniques, we were able to map a customer journey that started with an initial interest in the technology of the bike and finished with a purchase.

Throughout this cycle we were constantly optmising the approach to ensure that we were capturing the needs of the customer as they were researching and investigating the options available with the bikes.


  • Paid Search
  • Display Advertising
  • Data & Analytics

We generated an awareness, interest, decision and action funnel that slowly stepped users through the process of understanding what the bikes were about.

We gained over 2,000 conversions for people looking at the individual bike pages, which lead to 300 people building or customising their bikes online. This in turn lead to 54 purchases of hi-tech bicycles over a 12 month period.