Case Study: Magped

Pedal power: Marketing along the full customer journey


  • 41% increase in purchases
  • 68% boost in impressions
  • 11% Reduction in CPM

The Back Story

Biking accessories, particularly magnetic safety pedals, are a hot product. Magnetic pedals give road, mountain bike and other riders more grip and confidence through the ability to release their feet from the pedals quickly and easily—for example in a crash. Their popularity makes the competitive landscape for companies like Magped a bit of a battleground, where innovative strategies determine market leaders. 

Magped specializes in creating these magnetic bike pedals, and the company approached Binary & Co to help them stay ahead of the pack. We quickly recognized their need for a robust marketing strategy to elevate brand awareness, improve customer engagement, and increase sales conversions. Our solution was to offer a tailored, comprehensive marketing solution that hinged on insightful data analytics and multi-platform outreach.

Through a balanced mix of digital remarketing, influencer engagements, product feed optimization and real-world event promotions, we helped our client reach new customers and grow their business.

How we helped

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Data & Analytics
  • Remarketing
  • Influencer Marketing

Letting the consumers guide us

Key to our plan was first understanding the entire user journey, from initial interaction to final purchase. We leveraged this data to select the most appropriate platforms—in this case, Google, Meta, and TikTok—to ensure the highest possible consumer engagement. 

Remarketing to turn browsers into customers

Remarketing was a crucial cornerstone of our strategy. Employing Google and Meta, we meticulously crafted campaigns targeted toward “lookalike audiences” (people who share similar characteristics to existing customers) who had interacted with the Magped website, and custom audience segments tailored to various demographics and consumer behaviours. This approach ensured higher levels of engagement and maximized the chances of converting a curious browser into a satisfied customer.

Making friends with authentic influencers

Our influencer marketing strategy was not only informed, but also authentic—a crucial element of any successful influencer marketing initiative. Magped carefully chose to collaborate with notable figures in the cycling community who have credible voices and followings that closely align with Magped’s target audience. 

These influencers created Instagram videos, showcasing the efficiency and reliability of Magped’s magnetic pedals. These videos became valuable assets that provided viewers—Magped’s potential customers—with an authentic firsthand account of the product’s features, benefits and performance on the road or trail. This exposure expanded Magped’s reach and increased their credibility within the biking community.

Optimizing the shopping experience

Navigating a sea of products online—particularly when there are multiple similar products competing for their attention—can be overwhelming for potential customers. Acknowledging this, we optimized product feeds for Google Shopping and Instagram. We surfaced high-resolution images, alongside persuasive yet succinct descriptions, to capture attention and efficiently guide customers along their journey from product discovery to final checkout.

Promoting face time for direct engagement

Even in a digital world, real-world interactions remain invaluable as part of any comprehensive marketing plan. We helped Magped to promote their participation in major industry events, most notably the Sea Otter Classic. We used special promotions and targeted advertising to increase booth visits by consumers interested in Magped’s pedals, generating immediate sales and helping to build long-term brand loyalty.

41% increase in purchases

68% boost in impressions

11% reduction in CPM

Our multi-tiered approach resulted in the following concrete, data-driven and measurable outcomes:

  • 41% increase in purchases: The intelligent remarketing strategies and data-driven approach played a significant role in boosting overall sales conversions.
  • 68% boost in impressions: The multi-channel marketing strategies, bolstered by influencer engagement, had a remarkable effect on brand visibility.
  • 11% reduction in CPM: Despite the amplified outreach, the cost-effectiveness of our strategies led to a decrease in CPM, showcasing a more efficient allocation of the advertising budget.

This successful collaboration demonstrates the efficacy of a well-rounded, data-driven marketing strategy for organizations seeking to scale their marketing impact in a highly competitive landscape.



“Binary & Co have helped us to establish a great online presence and drive through sales of our product. We have seen year over year increase in sales due to their strategic approach to our campaign” – Jen Fraser – Magped US

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