Case Study: Proof Bed Bug Spray

How to Move Bed Bugs Online – An Amazon Case Study

  • 3x ROAS in 6 Months
  • 30% Increase in Revenue in Yr 1
  • 100% increase in revenue by Yr 2
  • Sale of Brand to Large Multinational

The Back Story

Terremera AG is a leading Ag Tech company that fuses science, nature and artificial intelligence to transform how food is grown and the economics of agriculture in the next decade. As well as developing products for large scale farming applications they also developed a range of all natural pesticides for home use.

Amongst these was their Proof Bed Bug range. Because the spray was all-natural and non-toxic it was perfect for use in the home environment. While they had secured space in large retail outlets for their product they were struggling to sell it online. They had an online store as well as a listing on Amazon. However, sales were sluggish and they were spending almost as much on advertising as they were getting in sales.

How We Helped

  • Amazon Account Overhaul
  • Amazon Advertising Overhaul
  • Product Boosting Campaign

Complete Digital Channels Audit
We conducted a thorough audit of all their digital marketing channels and historic performance. We developed a simple strategy that would allow them to increase their sales immediately while also giving them an opportunity to increase the reach of the brand online through other channels. This meant that initially we focused on Amazon as a sales channel and paused all other forms of advertising until a more robust brand and demand gen strategy could be developed.

Overhaul of Amazon Account
We then completed an audit of their Amazon channel taking in their Inventory Management, Product pages, Advertising performance, A+ pages, Stores and any third party integrations. We then completely overhauled their advertising account, cutting out any non-performing ad technology as well as increasing their use of the different ad tech available to them from within the Amazon platforms.

Improvements to Inventory & Product Mix
Following this we worked collaboratively with the in-house Terremera team to improve the inventory management as well as working on the product mix. To be able to promote a wider range of products and increase the overall potential cart size we introduced bundling and tightened up how we positioned the various product variations.

We also launched their Ant & Cockroach products through a coupon campaign and a third party Zonjump launch.

Advertising Account Overhaul
In addition, we invested a lot of energy into overhauling their in-platform advertising. We optimised their existing campaigns to increase performance and drive incremental sales. We also introduced additional ad tech in the form of sponsored brand ads and display ads.

3x ROAS from their advertising in the first 6 months

30% increase in revenue YOY in year 1

100% increase in revenue YOY in year 2

Ultimately the increased exposure and positive revenue number turned Terremera’s Amazon channel from a failing one into their single most profitable online channel. This helped contribute to the value of the brand and in 2021 the entire Proof line was purchased by one of the largest household brand CPG companies.

“Without Binary’s help and guidance, we simply would not have been able to justify the expense of our online strategy. With Binary’s insights and advice we were able to optimize the promotional spend in a way that resulted in an immediate uptick in online sales. It is likely this also helped drive our on-shelf sales as well as it helped the brand to become more reputable and reliable. Binary was a critical marketing and strategic partner that allowed us to position ourselves for the future.” – ‘Rob Takeuchi Special Projects Management Consultant for Terremera’

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