Case Study: Qualex Landmark

Transforming digital marketing efficiency

  • ~80% of leads now from digital channels
  • CPA reduced to under $25/lead
  • Strategic testing refined the creative
  • Generated over 1,000 leads over 4 months

The Back Story

Qualex-Landmark is a well-known real estate development firm based in Vancouver. The company entrusted us with their digital advertising for two of their Vancouver projects. Despite an active digital presence, our challenge was to revamp the existing strategies to make them more efficient and effective at generating leads from prospective condo buyers.

How we helped

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Data & Analytics

We began by reviewing Qualex-Landmark’s paid search strategy. First, we segmented their keywords into new campaigns and ad groups, focusing on the segments that promised highest performance. This restructuring allowed for more granular tracking and improved optimization. 


Next, we implemented a Google Performance Max campaign. Performance Max is a great way to maximize reach, drive traffic and sales, and uncover insights and trends. This campaign allowed us to efficiently place ads across multiple channels, broadening our reach. Meanwhile, the incorporation of video content created an engaging, immersive experience for potential condo buyers.


We also took full advantage of Meta’s lead generation capabilities. We deployed lead gen forms linked directly to Qualex-Landmark’s in-house CRM system, enabling anyone interested in the condos to register their interest directly on Facebook or LinkedIn in a seamless way. This direct integration allowed us to promptly evaluate the quality of leads generated from each advertising channel. We then adjusted and refined our strategies accordingly.

The results

Overall, our revamped and holistic approach to Qualex-Landmark’s digital marketing increased lead generation and sales, while optimizing budget allocation and efficiency. The renewed digital marketing strategy has led to the direct sale of numerous units since its launch, a clear indication of the sustained interest in the company’s projects.


In terms of leads, our tailored approach generated remarkable results. Within a span of four months, we saw a significant increase in lead volume from digital marketing channels. Over those four months, we collected over 1,000 leads across both projects. Approximately 80% of all leads now originate from digital.


Through testing, we identified the creative that resonated best with potential condo buyers. This allowed us to guide our client on which images and texts would work best in their advertisements, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.


We also improved cost efficiency, which was another objective. The cost per acquisition (CPA) dropped to under $25 per lead across both projects, allowing us to more effectively manage our client’s ad dollars.

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