Case Study: CubicFarm Systems

Cubic Farms – Growing Online Event Sign-ups and Engagement

  • Significantly exceeded the online event sign-up target
  • Employed a cross-channel strategy to reach a diverse audience
  • Integrated lead generation forms for seamless event sign-up
  • Achieved a remarkable $18 CPA, $30 below the target

The Back Story

Cubic Farms is a leader in the agrotech industry, using their innovative technology to make a significant contribution to advances in sustainable agriculture. Their high-tech vertical farming solutions enable farmers to cultivate fresh produce year-round within local communities. 

The company planned a combined in-person and online event, featuring industry experts and renowned ex-astronaut and speaker Chris Hadfield. Their aim was to further solidify their position as a frontrunner in the agrotech industry and showcase their sustainable farming solutions. 

To help them achieve this goal, Cubic Farms wanted to attract at least 150 sign-ups for the online portion of the event, and create an engaging and informative experience for this online audience. 

How We Helped

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Paid Media Execution
  • Analytics & Optimization

Audience identification

We devised a cross-channel digital marketing strategy, targeting potential attendees where they spend time online—Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By focusing on industry professionals, sustainability advocates, and individuals interested in agrotech innovations, we were able to tailor our messaging and targeting to reach the most relevant audience segments, increasing the chances of conversion.

Compelling advertisements

Our team created attention-grabbing, visually-appealing digital ads for each platform. The ads communicated the value proposition and emphasized the event’s unique aspects, such as the participation of Chris Hadfield, the presentation of Cubic Farms’ agrotech solutions, and the opportunity to learn from industry experts. 

Integrated lead generation forms

To make the registration process as quick, easy, and painless as possible, we incorporated lead generation forms directly into the ads. This allowed prospects to easily register for the event without leaving the platform, thus reducing barriers to conversion.

Highly-targeted messaging

Recognizing the differences in user behavior and demographics across Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we created customized messages for each platform. This ensured that our messaging landed with each unique audience segment and captured their attention—again with the aim of increasing conversions.

Performance monitoring, optimization, and testing

We never take a “launch it and leave it” approach to our campaigns. Throughout the campaign, our team kept a close eye on performance. We analyzed key metrics, such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost per acquisition (CPA) and made data-driven adjustments to targeting, ad creative, and bidding strategies. This ensured optimal results and maximized our client’s return on investment.

We also continuously tested various ad creative, messaging, and targeting options to uncover the best-performing combinations, drive higher conversion rates, and minimize CPA.

- The campaign significantly surpassed the goal of 150 online sign-ups

- The online event attracted a diverse and engaged audience

- The reach of our cross-channel strategy led to over 3 million impressions

- Our ongoing campaign optimization efforts generated an impressive $18 CPA—$30 less than our target

“The digital marketing strategy Binary & Co.’s team created and managed for us played a crucial role in making this event a huge success, contributing to the growth and recognition of Cubic Farms and our sustainable farming solutions within the agrotech sector.” – Sandy Gerber – Marketing Director

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