Destination Silver Star

Destination Silver Star – Launching a Resort Association

  • Increased website users by 184%
  • Grew newsletter subscriptions by over 5K
  • Drove over 300 accommodation referrals
  • Generated over 4K event responses for summer events

The back story

Silver Star Resort Association is not to be confused with Silver Star Resort. Although they are both there to promote activities and tourism in the area they ultimately have different roles to play in the promotion of the resort.

One of the key roles that Silver Star Resort Association plays is helping support and promote the businesses in Silver Star. This includes all the accommodation, restaurant and activity centres. This makes their remit much wider and involves understanding the needs of all the businesses in the resort.

For this reason we needed approach the launching of the resort association with a much wider lens on who we were attempting to reach and resonate with.

How we helped

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Paid Media Execution
  • Analytics & Optimization

Paid Media Strategy

We worked in conjunction with Substrate Studios to put together a digital media and content strategy. We reviewed their brand messaging and their customers’ personas so we could develop a workshop that would be able to take them through their key messaging, personas and campaign funnel.

We developed two workshops to help the DSS team structure their content and messaging as well as their overall marketing funnel. We helped them identify the unique audiences that they would need to appeal to to increase the reach of the resort and to support the business owners in the resort. 

We then delivered a go-to-market plan outlining how they should launch the new resort association to both the business community and their consumer audience.  


To be able to launch the resort association we need to make an initial ‘big splash’ and then follow up with a series of promotional event throughout the summer. Starting towards the end of the winter season and running into Spring we launched the My Silver Star campaign. This campaign featured a video from the various business owners in the resort about why Silver Star was so unique to them.

We encouraged users to sign up to the newsletter that would keep them informed on the promotions and updates from the resort. 

We then followed this up with a more consumer focused campaign that highlighted and promoted the two marquee summer events at the resort the Wine festival & The Beer Festival. This allowed DSS to further their reach and gain users in the more consumer markets.

- The Binary team increased the Destination Silver Star mailing list by over 5,000 users over a period of 2 months.

- Destination Silver Star was able to drive over over 300 referrals to accommodation site in the summer month and over 3000 event signups for their Wine & Beer events.

- Binary team increased website users 184% when compared to the previous period using social and search platforms. The audience aligned with Destination Silver Star as bounce rate decreased 9.5% and session duration increased 26%.

With help from the Binary & Co team, Destination Silver Star discovered users were more likely to engage with their content when posts were in listicle format, which were 4 times more likely to drive engagement and users to the site.




“The Binary & Co Team have been an ever reliable resource to help us navigate the paid media landscape. They have been responsive to our changing needs and have really helped us structure our digital advertising efforts. We are looking forward to a continued partnership” – Cassandra Zerebeski – Executive Director Silver Star Resort Association

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