Spotlight On – Ralph Reed

What’s your name and where are you from?
Ralph Reed. I was raised in Los Osos, California, a small town on the coast of Central California.

Where are you currently living right now and how did you end up there?
I currently live in Cathedral City, California. I moved here a few months ago after spending 18 years in Seattle, WA. I moved to be closer to family and because I wanted to move back to a warmer climate.

How did you first start in digital marketing?
I started in digital marketing because I’m an avid record collector. I did a marketing internship at a record company that specializes in vinyl reissues. Then my first digital marketing job was at an e-commerce startup that ran a text-based store selling vinyl records as a proof of concept for their AI recommendation system.

Binary & Ralph

What do you do at Binary & Co? 

I focus on Google and Meta advertising. I have previous experience in the Healthcare industry so I’m focused on clients in that area. I both do the day to day running of the accounts and the account setup, as well as help supervise dashboard setup and the running of promotions. A big part of my job is face-to-face meetings with clients to make sure I understand their business and what their goals are, and to make sure everyone understands our plans and what the results will be.

What’s one thing you’re working on right now?

We are going into the end of November so it Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday Saleathon. I’m making sure we are all set with copy/assets and ready to fire for all of the upcoming promotions.

Day to Day

What does your daily routine look like?

I’ve only been in my new house/city for about 3 weeks so I can’t say I’ve really settled into a routine yet. One of the things I like about B&C is that my routine can be flexible. I usually check slack/emails first thing in the morning, then I may have a morning meeting. I usually just have cereal and coffee, but there is a great bagel place near me so if I have an hour or more between my first and second meetings I sometimes go and grab a bagel.
I have a prioritized todo list so I will then plan out what I’m going to tackle that day based on my meetings and the time for each task.

Binary View

What do you think is unique about working for Binary & Co?

It’s very flexible and collaborative. We all work together on issues and people are very eager to help out. Also because you’re able to work when it works best for you it improves both quality of life and efficiency.

The Other Side

How do you spend your time when you are not working?

I enjoy photography and modular synthesis. I’m excited to be so close to Joshua Tree and am looking forward to getting out there to photograph on a regular basis. I also am a big fan of professional cycling, it’s the only sport I follow, but I follow it very closely.

What are you binge-watching or reading right now?

I’m reading Pantani Was a God, which is about the Italian cyclist Marco Pantani. It’s also about the history of cycling in Emilia-Romagna in general.

What’s the one thing on your bucket list.

I want to travel all over the Greek island. When I was little my mom read me the Odyssey and I’ve loved ancient history and stories ever since. I’ve always wanted to travel from island to island seeing the ruins.