How to use Zapier to make the data you collect work harder

With 3rd party cookies on the way out, moving 1st party data across platforms has never been more important. Here’s how you can do it with Zapier.

The slow, steady demise of the 3rd party cookie, coupled with Apple’s increasingly stringent privacy features, means digital marketers need to put a lot more thought into who their audience is and how best to connect with them.

It’s no longer simply enough to get traffic to your web page to start a marketing flow that essentially involves stalking people around the internet and surfacing ads on the sites they visit until they give in and buy from you.

The capture of 1st party data, someones email, name, phone number etc is now more and more important to start the flow of a marketing campaign. And because we can’t anonymously ‘follow’ people, we’re having to be more strategic about how to capture this data.

Offering users real value for their information is more important than ever.

Even more importantly, what do we do with that data once we have it? One of the most valuable things we can do is to make sure that data is passed across the various marketing channels we use. Ensuring that if we capture someone’s email that we use that to inform not only how we then move forward with advertising to them but also how we can use that information to attempt to find similar users in the form of lookalike audiences.

It’s important to make sure you connect your marketing platforms and pass this data across them automatically. Take a look at our quick video to see how to pass data from your Mailchimp lists into Facebook.

This is just one example of how to connect your platforms to push and pull the data across them. Different systems will have different ways to connect with the various marketing platforms, and it’s worth investigating how they work and the type of integrations that there are.

We hope you find this video useful and that it gets you thinking about what you can do to further leverage the data you collect.

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